Strong, cold winds batter St. Joe’s St Pk on Gulf Coast–tent, holiday spirits still up


REITentStormStJoe_101226(JulianneCrane)It’s darn hard photographing the wind–especially with an “automatic” camera that doesn’t snap the shot when you push the shutter, because “it” wants everything to be in perfect focus.

That said, constant, cold winds have been blowing hard here (with sustained gusts of 35 mph) since Friday evening. It was preceded earlier by several hours of drenching rain.

Here is St. Joseph Peninsula State Park. It sits on a finger of land surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico to the west and St. Joseph Bay to the east on Florida’s panhandle.

On Christmas Day we were hit by part of the same huge storm system that’s made it’s way from California … through Texas … and is now pummeling the East Coast.

All night, as the wind rocked our camper, we would occasionally look out, fearing the worst for the REI Hobitat 6 tent we had erected to use as our ‘cabana.’ Thanks to Jimmy masterful tying off of the guy lines, it survived the night and continues to buck and sway under the steady onslaught.

Photos: (top) Jimmy Smith braves strong wind off Florida’s Gulf of Mexico. (bottom) REI Hobitat 6 tent still standing after sustained high winds at Florida’s St. Joseph State Park. (Julianne Crane)

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