RVer Jimmy Smith’s musings on frogs, new rig, cozy Timber Valley SKP Park


JimmySmith_Wreath_JulianneGCraneIn a reflective mood, fulltime RVer Jimmy Smith muses on the songs of frogs, the acquiring of our latest rig, and the cozy RV community of Timber Valley SKP Park in southern Oregon.

“Since first going on the road in 2009,” writes Jimmy, “we’ve covered long stretches of highway with numerous twists and turns. We counted up the number of rigs we’ve owned and with this latest, it is six. I always say I give my friends whiplash with all our/my casting about.”

The latest rig is a 2002 30-foot 5th wheel Cougar with two slides (below) that Jimmy found on Craigslist patiently waiting for us in a nearby community.

Read more of Jimmy’s posting by clicking on Jimmy Smith’s Another View

Julianne G. Crane


Photos: Jimmy Smith holding his hand-crafted holly wreath. Bottom: Our temporary RV compound at the Timber Valley SKP Park in Sutherlin, Ore. (Julianne G. Crane)

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  • The following was received in an e-mail

    I just wanted to mention that Jimmy Smith’s musings and reflections are well written and a pleasure to read. I see his writing as inspirational. Somewhere between butchering hogs, cutting wood and following Dad’s direction he was able to develop a sensitivity that has developed into engaging reading. Those of us that write appreciate the well written adventures of others. Thanks for your writings as well Julianne.
    George Bogosian

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