Snowbird St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Savannah’s great parade. (

There are hundreds of cities across America hosting St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

To read about three southern cities–Savannah, Lexington and New Orleans–that are favorites with RV Snowbirds, click on: St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Sunbelt / RV Short Stops.

2019’s Best U.S.A. Cities for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

“To determine the best cities for celebrating Irish-American heritage, compared 200 of the largest U.S. cities across 17 key metrics, ranging from Irish pubs and restaurants per capita to lowest price for a three-star hotel on St. Patrick’s Day to weather forecast.” created a great St. Patrick’s Day infographic … see below.

– Julianne G. Crane

St. Patrick’s Day By the Numbers. (WalletHub.come)


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