SKP RoVer’s Roost RV park near Casa Grande, Az, is safe port of call in high wind advisory


This must be the time of the year when winds just like to blow across the southwest. We thought we were safe after getting through El Paso and New Mexico … but alas, now we are in the southwest Arizona and heading toward southern California desert where the real winds blow.

We pulled into the SKP RoVer’s Roost RV Co-Op park just off I-8, southwest of Casa Grande, Ariz., on Sunday evening. We needed to get caught up on laundry and have access to a reliable internet connection.

We planned to be on our way toward Yuma and some boondocking on BLM land by this morning, Tuesday — however, high winds out of the southwest were predicted from midday through midnight.

In this region of the world, one thing you don’t want to be is out in the middle of the desert when 40+ mph winds are predicted. Dust and sand storms are not to be confronted when there is a choice.

We decided to extend our stay at the SKP Casa Grande park through Wednesday morning. Then we’ll re-assess our travel options. The upside to being delayed here for another day are the addition people we’ve met here. We’ll be talking about them in future posts.

Julianne G. Crane

Photos include SKP windsock when the gusts started this afternoon and our site before the winds came up. (Julianne G. Crane)

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