4. Before buying your dream recreation vehicle … ponder ‘non-travel uses for your RV’


This is the fourth day of reviewing one of five basic questions to ponder before purchasing your first (or next) recreation vehicle and hearing from people who have already taken the plunge into the RVing lifestyle.

Earlier this week we’ve suggested considering ‘how you plan to use the RV,’ ‘how many regular users,’ and if you want to ‘drive or tow your RV.’

Today take a look at:

4. Will you have non-travel uses for your RV?

Many RV owners, including the Justises and Randalls, report they have used their rigs as a guest room for visitors.

“We started RVing in a VW camper,” said Al Randall, “then a 22-foot pull trailer with a fixed bed, then a 25-foot pull trailer with a walk-around bed. They all doubled as guest rooms.”

Other RVers said they have used their motorized units as a second vehicle around town. Others use their RV as a stored second home for “snowbirding” during the winter in warmer climates.

Meg Brubacher of Ontario, Canada, feels her RV will come in handy in emergency situations such as power outages. “And, of course, afternoon naps in the rain,” she said.

Tomorrow we’ll look at ‘budget.’

Photo: Al and Marbie Randall of Troy, Mont., have lived fulltime for six years in their 2006 32-foot Rexhall ‘Rex Air’ motor coach. (Julianne Crane)

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