More RV holiday gift suggestions: RV Education 101 instructional DVDs, books


Looking for a ‘how-to’ recreation vehicle DVD or book for an RV friend for Christmas?

Consider one of the 20 DVDs and books produced by Mark and Dawn Polk of RV Education 101.

Of those titles, covering almost every RV topic imaginable, the top DVDs ($24.95 each) are “Motorhome (Class A) Walkthrough,” “Travel Trailer / 5th Wheel Walkthrough,” “Drive Your Motorhome Like a Pro,” and “Tow Your 5th Wheel Like a Pro.”

“Travel trailers, 5th wheel trailers and Type A motorhomes are the most sought after RVs so this would explain why our motorhome and travel trailer/5th wheel walk-through orientation DVD titles are our top sellers,” said Mark Polk in an e-mail.

“RVs can be intimidating to new owners until they learn how everything operates. A DVD helps simplify the learning curve and the owner can watch it as often as they need to until they are comfortable using their new RV. Think of how many times of listening to your favorite song before you learn the words to sing along – repetition,” said Polk

“The same goes for driving or towing an RV. It can be extremely intimidating when you are used to driving an average size automobile and now you are looking at this 30 or 35 foot RV sitting in the driveway. Our driving and towing DVD titles help instruct new owners on the material they need to know to drive and operate their new RV safely.”

According to Chuck Woodbury of, in the Drive Your Motorhome Like a Pro” DVD: “Hosts Mark Polk and Lorrin Walsh explain how to drive a motorhome the safe way. Driving a motorhome is not like driving a passenger car, although by using the techniques in this DVD they will find it is not much more difficult. This would be a great gift for the owner of a new motorhome, who might be anxious about driving it. Viewing it should also make the driver safer on the road.”

“Qualified education is key to using and enjoying RVs,” said expert Mark Polk. “It has always been our goal to help educate RV owners on how to safely and properly use and maintain their RV.”

Photo: Mark and Dawn Polk of RV Education 101.

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