Seminole Canyon State Park southwest Texas surprise


09_SeminoleCanyon_JimmySmith_JulianneGCraneArrived at the Seminole Canyon State Park and Historical Site late yesterday afternoon in time to go on a six-mile bike ride along the Rio Grande River (loop) Trail.

It was a very challenging ride for me because more than 3/4 of the ‘dirt’ trail was composed of rutted road with a mixture of rocks ranging in size from small pebbles to larger than baseballs. I was watching the trail so intently that I missed much of the joy of the journey. I spent my time focusing on keeping my wheels under me. My biking partner and sweetheart, Jimmy Smith, however, has been bicycling for years and wasn’t at all phased by the trail’s conditions.

The reward at the end of the trail, however, was an amazing overlook of the Panther Cave Pictograph Site in the Seminole Canyon that is fed by the Rio Grande/Amistad Reservoir.

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— Julianne G. Crane

Photo: Jimmy Smith looking at the Seminole Canyon from an observation lookout along the Rio Grande River Trail.  (Julianne G Crane).

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