Safety concerns tips for solo RVers


guide-solo-rvingIn the publication “The Woman’s Guide to Solo RVing,” authors Jaimie Hall Bruzenak and (the late) Alice Zyetz,  (CD or e-book: $13.95) list a number of safety tips for all RVers traveling alone including:

Cell phone: Always have a fully-charged cell phone with you.

Travel with others: When you are getting started, travel with a group a few times to build confidence. (Check out RVing Women or Wondering Individuals Network.)

Trust your instincts: If an area looks unsafe for any reason or there is any suspicious-looking person, do not stop or park overnight there.

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  • I have a small sign on my door that shows a German Shepard…no text, just the picture. My Shepard is not always with me, but my 19 lb. Rat Terrier is and she raised Holy’Ell when anyone comes too close to my rig….day or night!

  • My chow chow rides on the dashboard of my motorhome.
    He is my early warning alarm system.

    Wish he could change the oil too.

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