RVing with Pets, part 1 — Professional photographer Fran Reisner traveled 3 years with Jazzy, Sadie


This is the first of four postings on RVing with Pets.

Millions of our furry four-legged friends love life on the open road and “ruffing” it at RV campgrounds.

According to recreation vehicle industry numbers, about nine million Americans own an RV. Of those, more than half, or roughly 4.8 million, take along at least one pet companion when they hit the highways.

In fact, it is not unusual for RVers to travel with more than one pet. When professional photographer Fran Reisner was on the road fulltime for three years in her 2010 35-foot Winnebago Adventurer motor home, she traveled with two rescue dogs: Jazzy, a 60-pound seven-year-old Labrador mix and Sadie, a six-year-old golden mix, weighing in at 45 pounds.

What “strikes me most about RVing with my dogs,” said Reisner, “is how easily they took to it, and how much they clearly enjoy the journey.”

Reisner also built a portable platform (doubled as a table) that fit over the passenger seat with space enough for “both Sadie and Jazzy to ride eye to eye with the ‘big boys’ out there.  They loved it,” she said.

“After leaving a two-acre fenced property where they could run freely, I though it might be a big adjustment for them. Not so. They were happy to be with me and jump in willingly when I asked them if they’re ready to go for a ride.”

—  Check out her professional photography at: Fran Reisner Photography.

— ‘The Dogs of Central Park’ (Hardcover, $19.95) 2011. (Order direct from Fran Reisner at Fran@FranReisner.com and a percentage of the purchase price goes to support animal rescue organizations.)

— Read more about Fran in a profile I wrote for WomenRVers.blogspot.com

Part 2 of  ‘RVing with Pets’ gives tips to consider ‘Before hitting the road.’

—  Julianne G Crane

Photographs: (Top) Fran Reisner and her pet companions Jazzy (black) and Sadie. (Julianne G Crane). (Bottom) Courtesy of Fran Reisner.

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