RVing with Pets, part 2 — ‘Before hitting the road’


DorothyBright_JulianneCrane-214x300This is the second of four postings on RVing with Pets.

If you are one of the millions who have a traveling menagerie, here are a few reminders before heading out on your next summer RV trip.

Before hitting the road

1. Gather your pet’s medical records. Be sure that your pet is up-to-date on all shots and vaccinations. Carry all records and prescriptions with you.

Full time RVers Dorothy and Jim Bright of Coarsegold, Calif., travel with Yuki, a special needs 13-year old Pomeranian, in their 2008 39-foot Titanium 5th wheel trailer.

“Because of Yuki’s bladder problems,” says Dorothy Bright (left), a retired schoolteacher, “we start out a trip with one month’s supply of canned food from the vet’s office. We take along our vet’s prescription for additional food as it is needed.”

2. Assemble a Beast Bag. Animal behavior expert Diana L. Guerrero suggests putting together a grab n’ go satchel containing all items that you would need on any day excursion including a leash, travel ID tag, pet clean up bags
, towel
, snacks, water and 
collapsible bowls

3. Prepare a pet first-aid kit. Be certain to include heartworm and special medications, vitamins, bandages, tweezers and flea/tick shampoo.

4. Microchip or tattoo contact information on your pet. When traveling also secure identification to your pet’s collar to enable someone to notify you immediately if Rover gets lost chasing a squirrel. Include your cell number and camping location. Carry a color photo of your pet.

Full time RVers Rosanne and John Lloyd (right) of Livingston, Tex., acquired their current pet companion, a golden retriever, four years ago when she wandered into the Idaho park where they were camp hosting.

Belle had been on the road for sometime according to the vet where we took her for treatment,” says Rosanne Lloyd. “She had a chip in her shoulder that gave her date of birth, owner’s name and her address, which was to no avail because her previous owner in Florida had not updated her information.”

Both the vet’s office and the Lloyds tried for weeks to reunite Belle with her family by searching the Internet, making phone calls and writing letters.

“Our advice to pet owners is to remain current on addresses with the chip company,” says Lloyd. “Our Idaho vet told us that 80-percent of lost dogs found with a chip are not returned because of incorrect information on file. Either the owners have moved or the dog has been sold or given away.”

Tomorrow animal behavior expert Diana L. Guerrero offers a few safety tips in Part 3 of RVing with pets.

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Julianne G. Crane

Photos: (Top) Dorothy Bright holding Yuki, a special needs 13-year old Pomeranian. (Bottom) Rosanne and John Lloyd with Belle, a golden retriever. (Both photos by Julianne G Crane)

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