Elbee, a ‘FryBrid’ luxury green motorhome


‘Elbee, the American Freedom Machine’ was designed to be completely self-sustaining. It has a built-in waste vegetable oil (WVO) filtration / dewatering system and WVO powered electric generator. It travels on free, clean fuel.

Read about the incredible complete conversion on Liquid Solar Power.

To see a video of the young Adler Family (pictured at right — Steve, Anke, Lilly, JuJu and Jonah) on their first three-month trip in their converted 1997 40-foot motorhome, click on the image below.

Click here for an item on EBay about renting this one-of-a-kind green motorhome.

Photos source: LiquidSolarPower.com

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  • what is going to happen when more people change to this system will we have a shortage of this oil will we have am investment we cant afford like fuel is now

  • Mr Elbee,I’d like to see you try mounting miniature turbines on the roof of the RV so that as you drive,you can simultaniously charge whatever needs charging.I’m talking “small”over the entire roofline.Or as an alternative,the charge can go directly into battery storage for evening use.You may also be able to install solar panels on the entire surface of the vehicle in order to take advantage of the suns orbit around the sky.In addition,take advantage of the rain by collecting it like the old timers did.Perhaps a funnel-hole connected by a hose to a holding tank.A filtration system would also help for conversion to human use.A garden on the roof or a deck on the roof for sleeping at night would negate the necessessity of A/C on cool nights and also double your living space.JA Donelson
    PS:Stop begging for coverage or sponsorship.It puts me off.If it were not for my interest in green energy,I would have stopped reading your article after the first request.I’m a woman and could use a lot less expletives in your article.Improve your vocabulary so you can express your disgust in a more creative manner,sonny.FYI:The red background in your article is VERY hard for me to read.Please consider larger print and a white background.I’m very interested in your good idea’s.Keep the good work up.JAD

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