RVing is for Geeks, Part 2 — ‘Options for staying in touch while on the road’


Chris_Jim_Guld_motorhomeA decade ago, computer techies Jim and Chris Guld were on the cutting edge of Internet technology when they started working and living full-time on the road.

“Then, the only way to connect anywhere, anytime, was satellite Internet,” said Jim Guld of Geeks on Tour. “We purchased the MotoSat Datastorm at $6,000 for equipment and installation, plus it cost $115 a month for service.”

These days the Gulds still live and work full-time in their 2007 37-foot Gulfstream Endura Class C motorhome while crisscrossing the country conducting computer trainings for RVers. They teach travelers that you don’t have to be a computer geek or carry all sorts of equipment onboard to get online. There are a number of options for staying in touch.

ChrisJimGuld_GeeksOnTour_inside“As for basic equipment,” said Jim Guld, “so much depends on how and where you want to travel and what you want to see and do. Consider your options carefully, but realize you can change even after a purchase.”

There are laptop computers, tablets and smartphones. “People can start small and add only what they need, depending on their travel habits,” advised Guld. “Be flexible.”

“A smartphone is the single best device you can carry,” said Guld. “They are small computers that can be your connection to the Internet for email and browsing.”

Once you have your computer or smartphone, there are many ways to get online while being mobile, including cellular connectivity, public WiFi hotspots and satellite Internet. “Verizon Wireless has the best overall nationwide coverage,” he said. “We do have an iPad with AT&T cellular data as a backup just in case.”

The Guld’s “Geeks On Tour” website features hundreds of free articles, posts and checklists. In addition they have produced more than 230 tutorial videos.

Tomorrow in RVing is for Geeks, Part 3,’ — Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy of Technomadia.com, talk about running their technology consulting business entirely from their “geeked-out” vintage 1961 GMC coach conversion.

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Photos: (Top) Jim and Chris Guld of Geeks on Tour travel and work year-round in their Gulfstream Endura Class C motorhome with two slides. (Courtesy of Geeks on Tour).  (Bottom) The Gulds have changed their motorhome’s dinning area into office space for their computers and recording equipment. (Courtesy of Technomadia.com)

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