RVing artists, part 1 — Terry and Ruth Hager

This is the first of four installments on “RVing Artists.” Over the next few days you will meet artists from different parts of America who have chosen to pursue their creative dreams with the help of their recreation vehicle.

Every day painters, photographers and writers discover the freedom of traveling in a recreation vehicle and creating art without giving up the comforts of home.

Ever-expanding wireless technology guarantees that no matter how far one travels, it is increasingly possible to stay in touch with clients, dealers and publishers. Thanks to smart phones and social media, untold thousands of artists use recreation vehicles as their studios on wheels.

Writer Terry Hager and his photographer wife, Ruth, are prime examples of folks who take their office and equipment with them as they crisscross the country wherever “the spirit moves” them.

For years, the Hagers RV’ed in pop-up campers and a small travel trailer before retiring in 1997 to travel full-time on the road. They currently live in a custom built 2002 32-foot Automate fifth wheel trailer.

“The Internet has opened doors for me to share my photos with thousands of people,” said Ruth Hager. “I would like to see every beautiful place there is to see throughout the world,” she said. “Since that is not likely to happen, I might as well open my eyes to beauty whenever it crosses my path. And even if I don’t have my camera handy, I now have an iPhone so I can take a photo anytime, anywhere.”

Terry Hager, a former ordained street minister in Grand Rapids, Mich., writes about their travels and has published numerous magazine articles and two “Reverend Rob Vander Laan Mystery” novels.

Wherever they roam, Terry continues to write on his laptop computer and Ruth expands her photography portfolio.

Read more about Terry’s latest mystery novel by clicking here.

Next we’ll learn about animal and nature artist Skye Sutherland of New England, and her mid-career shift to living fulltime in an RV.

Photo: Terry and Ruth Hager stand beside one of Ruth’s photo montage constructions in their custom built 2002 32-foot Automate fifth wheel trailer. (Julianne Crane)

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