RVing and Motorcycling, part 1: ‘Great Summer Travel Combo’


OpenRoad_Dale-Coyner_Mini-Mate Summer is the traditional time for meandering motorcycle trips along America’s back roads and scenic highways. Each year, more and more riders are being spotted towing ultra-light camping trailers.

It seems these mini pop-up tent campers are gaining in popularity as Baby Boomers adopt the motorcycle touring lifestyle, according to Dale Coyner, owner of Open Road Outfitters and author of several motorcycle touring books including The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel: Tips, Technology, Advanced Techniques.

These inventively engineered little Recreation Vehicles can be towed easily behind a small car or midsize motorcycle, yet when parked they open into a comfortable off-the-ground space that provides for sleeping, eating, and storage.

Coyner was first attracted to motorcycle camping 20 years ago because of its simplicity and comfort. Soon he discovered small pull-behind trailers and began selling USA-made mini campers by Kompact Kamp and Time Out.

“Less is more,” says Coyner. “I’ve spoken with a number of folks over the last few years who are selling their full-size travel trailer and going to a class of small, lightweight camper that is marketed primarily for motorcycles.”

In part 2 of this 5-part series on RVing and Motorcycling, we’ll talk more about the ease of camping with these small pop up tent campers. To read the complete 5-part series on “RVing and Motorcycling,’ click here.

Julianne G. Crane

Photo: Open Road Outfitters owner Dale Coyner, motorcycle camps using his Mini Mate (Kompact Kamp Trailers) because of its simplicity and comfort. (Courtesy of Open Road Outfitters).

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