‘Green’ RVing tips from young RV family


Most people don’t put ‘recreation vehicle’ and ‘green living’ in the same sentence.

“In fact,” writes blogger Tara West on SocialMoms.com, “you probably think of the gas guzzling huge clunkers driving down the road slowly eating away at our precious fossil fuels. But there are actually several green living tips that can be learned from a recreational vehicle.”

Tara’s tips include: Water conservation – “A RV toilet uses very little water, whereas, a conventional home toilet uses over 3 gallons of water per flush.”

Energy conservation – “If you’ve ever dry camped without an electric hook up, you understand the importance of electric conservation. You’ll be running off a generator with limited capacity so every energy-saving option is a must.”

Less is more – “Space is limited in an RV. This means you want as little waste as possible. You’ll most likely cut all the non-necessary items from your living space and just keep with the basics.”

Read Tara’s full post by clicking here.

Photo Source: SocialMoms.com

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