RVer Jimmy Smith reflects on ‘meaning,’ life of (small) adventures



RVer Jimmy Smith has written a response to a comment sent in by reader John Golden in response to Jimmy’s post ‘Early Morning in the Coachella Valley” (originally published on Jan. 14, 2014 in ‘Jimmy Smith’ Another View‘ and recently featured in RV Travel Newsletter).

In the original post, in addition to other thoughts, Jimmy wrote: “Each day I continue to look for meaning and purpose, and deep connection with my fellow travelers.”

John commented: “Isn’t ‘meaning’ what we are all going through life trying to find? In Jimmy’s case I believe he has already found his meaning and to the very best of his ability he will strive to not let it get away from him. I am on his side and wish him the best of luck and the best of times in his life’s adventure. Do I envy him?, who wouldn’t!”

John goes on to write about how he and his wife’s RV adventures began in 1996, but ended too soon after a number of misadventures with their rig.

“Now, 20 years later,” writes John, “Jimmy has stirred up in me that desire again to look into what we have given up, and to find out if it isn’t too late to get back out there on the trail and find our ‘MEANING’ again.”

Click on Jimmy Smith’ Another View for John’s full letter and Jimmy’s encouraging response.

Photo: Jimmy Smith one a small fishing adventure on an unnamed stream in an unnamed wilderness area in central Oregon. (Photo by longtime fishing pal and Coast Guard buddy Tom Bombadil)

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