RVer Jimmy Smith bags his first bull elk — one more item checked off his Bucket List


#2016_JimmySmithBullElkAfter a lifetime of hunting deer, Jimmy Smith of RV Wheel Life bagged his first elk in early November–fulfilling a top item on his Bucket List.

Jimmy reports he shot the five-point bull at 275 yards through its heart. “It dropped on the spot,” he said. The bull was taken in the high desert region of eastern Oregon.

To read more about this in Jimmy’s latest musings click on “Jimmy Smith’s Another View.”

Julianne G. Crane

Click on photo to enlarge: Jimmy Smith and the head/horns of his bull elk. (Photo by Calvin Henderson)

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    • Thanks Jan, that is a good question. I’ve asked Jimmy to answer your question. “After a lifetime of having all the freezer space for anything I might bring home this RV life has invited a different approach to putting food up for the winter. I now have two big pressure canners that I have been preserving venison in, as well as, tuna. Elk will be next. Luckily I have a place to store things here in Oregon where we are based.” — Jimmy Smith

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