RV (recreation vehicle) lingo — a refresher


The “wannabe” RVer needs to learn a smattering of recreation vehicle (RV) terms before buying their first “5er” (5th wheel trailer) or motorhome and becoming a “newbie” (newcomer to the world of RVing). To help in this, American Motorhome.net has assembled a list of more than 30 of the most common words and phrases used by RVers when talking about their rigs.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Black Water: 
The waste water from the toilet which is stored in a special holding tank under the RV known as the black water tank. Gray Water: 
The waste water from the sinks and shower. Both holding tanks get emptied at a Dump Station (frequently marked with the blue/white symbol at right).

Converter: The device that converts 120 Volt AC electricity into 12 volt DC. When using electrical hookups most of the lighting and other accessories are designed to work at 12 Volts.

Dinghy / Toad: 
The name for a second vehicle that is towed behind the RV.

DW (dry weight): 
The weight of an RV when empty, i.e. with no water, fuel, passengers, supplies or belongings. And GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating): 
The maximum permitted weight for an RV including passengers, supplies, fuel and propane.

Electricity and fresh water connections that can be found at campsites.

For the complete list … click on: RV Terminology

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