Pop-up truck campers, Part # 3 — ‘To go where the big RVs fear to tread’


RonDonnaTuskind_FourWheel_JulianneGCraneWilderness campers Ron and Donna Tuskind of Denver, Colo., were attracted to the pop-up truck camper’s simplicity of design.

“We’re minimalists,” said Ron Tuskind. “We prefer four wheel drive roads and exploring places where the big RVs fear to tread.”

In 1983 they bought their first Four Wheel Camper, along with a new Chevy ¾-ton 4WD truck. “We used that setup for more than 20 years with great results.”

Last year they purchased their second FWC, a 2012 6-1/2-foot Hawk (dry weight of 790 pounds) and a 2012 Chevy 2500HD CCSB 4WD. (pictured above)

RonDonnaTuskind_Campsite_RonTuskind“Our style of camping isn’t for everyone,” said Tuskind. “The amenities are fewer: no bathroom, air conditioning or satellite television. But living in the Rocky Mountain area, the pop-up camper gives us the advantage of being able to go to areas that most RVers will never see.”

The next installment will take a look at how younger families are taking to the freedom and flexibility of access to remote locations offered by the downsized pop-up truck campers.

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Photo: (Top) Ron and Donna Tuskind of Denver, Colo., frequently take their Four Wheel 6-1/2-foot Hawk pop-up camper on extreme off-road adventures in the central Colorado Rockies. (Julianne G. Crane)

(Bottom) Click on image for a larger view of one of their campsites in the high Rocky Mountain country (Ron Tuskind).


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  • I like your site. Presently I am looking for a truck that will work well with the Hawk camper. Presently I am leaning towards the Chevy 2500HD. I was looking at the LTZ package, but wonder if the Z71 option is of benefit. Any advice?

    Thanks, Craig

    • Craig … sorry we are not truck experts and are still using our 2001 Ford 350 which seems to work well with our 2004 Northern Lite. Suggest you visit truckcampermagazine.com or check with the Hawk manufacturers and find out if there is an owners’ forum. Good Luck Julianne and Jimmy

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