Patty and Charlie Betts of Tallahassee — three decades of camping, loving outdoors


Patty and Charlie Betts of Tallahassee, FL, have enjoyed camping for more than 30 years. As with many RVers, they have moved from tents, to pop-up, to travel trailer, to fifth wheel and then back to a travel trailer. But oh what a sweet pull-behind it is–a 2005 25-foot Airstream pulled with their Ford F-250.

Charlie recently retired from Florida State University and when Patty retires in August from working for the State of Florida, they plan longer trips.

They now travel with their nine-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Daisy, deaf since birth.  Charlie says Daisy is an excellent traveler and a true lap dog.

The Betts camped a lot with their children, now 32 and 28, when they were younger.  Their son Marcus is an Eagle Scout and Charlie was a scout leader.

“They took trips together every month and then one long high adventure trip every summer,” says Patty. “Our daughter, Kelly, and I joined with them one year and the four of us went camping in the north Georgia mountains.  Thus, began a yearly adventure of 20-plus years where we meet the same friends year after year at our favorite park.”

“We have such fun memories of camping with them, some of the best  in our pop-up,” recalls Patty. “Especially memorable were the trips we made whitewater rafting and panning for gold.”

“Nights by the campfire and the many laughs we shared over even the simplest things bring back so many wonderful memories.”

Photo: Charlie and Patty Betts, along with their Jack Russell Terrier, Daisy.

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  • Just received this e-mail from Patty Betts in Tallahassee, FL.

    “We love it! Thank you so much! That will make such a nice memory for our scrapbook. I can also forward it to family and friends. What a thoughtful and unique thing for you to do. We also really like your site and check it often. We consider meeting you both as one of the highlights of our camping experience. I only wish I could have had more of any opportunity to spend time with you — maybe in the future!
    Enjoy your stay in central Florida — we will be following you.”

    Patty and Charlie Betts

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