18-hour stopover by road-weary RVers Kevin and Jane Justis


Extended-time RVers Jane and Kevin Justis of Susanville, Calif., rolled through our temporary home north of Spokane the other day for a hot shower, a bit of food and rich conversation.

Over Jimmy’s savory barbecue chicken and a couple micro-brews, they brought us up-to-date on their recent summer wander.

“I call what we just finished doing as ‘too many one night stands,'” said Kevin. More than “9,000 miles in less than three months is excessive even by our standards. Still, sometimes you have got to do what you have to do and visiting an elderly relative or an ailing one, does sometimes get us out of our comfort zone.”

The couple bought their 17-foot 1995 Casita six years ago and are within a few days of having spent two of those years sleeping in it. “It truly is our home away from home,” said Kevin “It did not take us long to realize that the best kind of travel is slow travel, taking some real time to explore an area rather than just checking off another place on the bucket list.”

“The kind of travel we just did runs the batteries down in even the hardiest road warrior. On the plus side we visited a bunch of friends and relatives as we passed through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Washington. We are glad we did it but we hope to not repeat it anytime soon.”

Kevin and Jane should be pulling into their own driveway in northeast California any moment now.

Photos: Jane and Kevin Justis with their 17-foot 1995 Casita travel trailer. (Julianne G. Crane)

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