Leaving cozy truck camper soon for roomier 5th wheel trailer


SpokaneLance(JulianneCrane)After almost two years of traveling and living extended periods of time in our sweet 8.5-foot truck camper, we are in the end stages of buying a 28-foot 5th wheel trailer.

If all goes as planned, within a week, the 1996 Lance Squire Lite will be turned over for a modest 2001 Thor Citation.

The main reason we are moving to larger digs is because we want to eventually do camp hosting at state and national parks. We learned during our recent six-month journey around the USA that our 8.5-foot camper is a tad small for extended stays.

I’m sitting in the Lance as I write this post. I will miss our little nest.

Photo: Lance parked at a friend’s house in Spokane (Julianne Crane)

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