RVing: An American Dream, Part 2 — ‘Lighter weight, more aerodynamic rigs’


To get to dream vacation destinations–whether to the nearest state park or to Alaska–people are seeking smaller, lightweight recreation vehicles that get more miles to the gallon.

The RV industry has responded to consumer demands with new designs and is currently into its multi-year recovery from its low point during 2008-2009 recession. Leading the pack are travel trailers that can be towed by light-duty trucks, and SUVs and more fuel-efficient motorhome.

As for prices, new conventional travel trailers typically run $8,000 to $95,000. Class C motorhomes, the smaller ones with over-cab sleeping, usually run $43,000 to $200,000 new. Larger, bus-like Class A motorhomes start at around $60,000 and go up from there.

“As technology has improved and become more available,” said Kevin Broom, Recreation Vehicle Industry Association director of media relations, “RV makers have been offering innovative new products that are lighter weight, more aerodynamic, and more fuel efficient — while still offering a mix of amenities that appeal to the many different types of RV buyers.”

In Part 3 (of a four-part series) on ‘RVing: An American Dream’ we’ll hear how consumer confidence is growing.

If you missed Part 1,’ click on: “Spending quality time with family.”

Photo: Conventional travel trailers, including Jayco’sJay Flight Swift, continue to be popular with growing families who value nature and camping. (Courtesy of Jayco)

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