Kicking off Jimmy Smith’s musings on RVing


Jimmy Smith towing Porta Boat to boat launch site from campground. By Julianne CraneIt’s taken almost a year of prodding and cajoling, but finally Jimmy Smith (yes that’s his real name)–my partner, sweetheart and traveling companion–has finally consented to contribute his reflections on RVing, camping, cycling, fishing and life in general.

I’ve long wanted Jimmy to write about his point-of-view because, frankly he is an excellent writer and secondly, he is a darn good storyteller.

For today’s installment click on Jimmy Smith’s ‘Another View’future installments will be accessible through clicking on the heading at the top of this page.

Photo: Jimmy towing his Porta-Bote to boat launch at Lake Alamo State Park in Arizona. By Julianne Crane.

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