Jimmy tows Blue Boy with Bianchi


Jimmy Smith loves his bicycle. Before he came anywhere close to owning  a truck camper or 5th wheel trailer, his primary recreation vehicle was his bicycle.

When he was 30 he bicycled from Oregon to Maine. When he was 43 he bicycled from the Mexican border to Spokane, Wash., roughly meandering along the Continental Divide. He still has one or two long rides on his bucket list.

He does everything he can with his bicycle. The first year we were out he towed his Porta-Bote with his bicycle. (Click here for those pictures.) So, it wasn’t unusual to see him hitch up our Blue Boy to his Bianchi and head out to the dump station yesterday; however, it did turn a few heads and bring a few smiles.

Photos: RVer Jimmy Smith towing Blue Boy. (Julianne Crane)

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