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crowded-RVTravel The weekly RV Travel newsletter is in its 14th year of continuous publication.  Its publisher, Chuck Woodbury, is currently in the third month of an extended gallivant from his home state of Washington east to Nova Scotia and back.

In this week’s free edition he lists a couple observations about campgrounds:

• “Campgrounds and RV parks are packed. Everybody in the RV industry is slapping themselves on the back about the huge number of RVs being sold these days. Good for them. But for campers, there are only so many campsites and they are very often hard to come by. It’s been a hassle to find one on weekends. Reservations are often necessary. I am eagerly anticipating the passing of Labor Day, when the crowds will diminish.”

• “Best source for finding campgrounds has been, although it is far from comprehensive. The printed Good Sam Travel Guide is also useful, but not essential. I have a membership to Passport America, where you can stay for half price at RV parks. But there are so many restrictions about when you can use it (often only Sunday through Thursday) that using it in the busy summer season is almost worthless. I have not yet installed the App “All Stays,” which readers tell me is very helpful.”

If you will would like to meet Chuck, and are attending the huge Hershey RV Show in Hershey, Pennsylvania, pencil in Wednesday, Sept. 16, for an “RV Travel Meet Up” behind the show office in the arena. “We may change the location,” says Chuck, “but this time should hold. I’ll firm things up before the show begins. I hope to see you there.”

To read the entire newsletter about RV lifestyle click here.

Julianne G. Crane

Photo:  Crowded campgrounds. (Chuck Woodbury/

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