Increase RV fuel mileage by lowering resistance


 With soaring fuel prices, one class that got a great deal of attention this week at the RV Life on Wheels Conference in Lewiston, Idaho, was “Increasing Fuel Mileage by Lowering Resistance” taught by Robert Henderson of Grants Pass, Ore. 

People are clammering to discover ways to squeeze more miles out of each gallon of fuel. To learn more go to his RV.NET posting: “Minimize Resistance, maximize fuel economy.”

Henderson‘s company develops and sells a line of aftermarket steering and suspension enhancement parts for the RV industry through its SuperSteer Division. The company also developed a systematic road-testing procedure to diagnose RV steering and suspension problems.

You can catch Henderson next at the Family Motor Coach Association annual convention in St. Paul, Minn., on July 14-17, 2008.

While the RV LoW in Idaho event ends today, there is still time to register for the RV LoW Conference in Harrisburg, Penn Sept. 10-14, 2008.

Photo: Robert and Barbara Henderson of Grant’s Pass, Ore. (Julianne Crane)

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  • The hydrogen effect is being suppressed by some big outfit. I get kicked off line when I try and post it on a web site. Contact me directly for the info that is world wide. People are sharing this info to bet down the oil companies and some who try to commercial it have died for unknown reasons.

  • I like the idea of the cap rear window open. I already have a minimal frontal wind resistance since we have a Hi-Lo trailer. Leaving the rear cap window open will allow the air to simply go over the entire rig.

  • I had heard of the hydrogen generator but have not seen how to make one. Can anyone help?
    I also heard that this idea goes back to WW II when gas was rationed and worked well back then, why has no one developed a commercial version or put it to use on everything if it works this well?

  • If you pull a travel trailer with a pickup equipped with a cap, leave the tailgate window up to direct airflow up over the trailer’s nose. Depending on your tailgate window supports, you might have to devise a method to keep it at the best angle.

  • I put a hydrogen generator on my 42 foot diesel. Went from 7 mpg to 15 mpg. All parts cost less then 40 dollars and used water with the gas. This is with 12 plates, if I go with more plates the mpg increases. Engine runs cooler and exhaust has no hydro carbons.

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