Gift idea: Disney Fairies Tink’s Pixie Camper



If you are looking for a holiday gift to put on layaway for that young RVer in your life, you might check out Disney Fairies Tink’s Pixie Camper.

According to the product advertising: “Tinker Bell and her friends are ready to go camping, and kids can join the adventure with the Disney Fairies Tink’s Pixie Camper.

“This 22-piece playset features three rooms with different surprises in each. In the kitchen, the doors to the oven, sink, and fridge open and close. The image in the dividing wall’s window can be changed from day to night. In the bathroom, kids can move a wheel to make Tinker Bell spin in the shower. The sink in the bathroom can be rotated to become a vanity. To reveal the bedroom, just lift up on the top of the camper and fold down the bed. The driver and passenger seats can be removed and used as lounge chairs. And a heart-shaped lock on the main door keeps everything secure inside. A Tinker Bell doll is included. Additional dolls are sold separately.”

I in no way endorse the quality of this product … in fact, according to the customer reviews, some like the looks of it; others report it is not constructed well and falls apart easily. For fans ages 4 and up.

Expect to pay somewhere between $30-40, depending on where you find it. Available both at retail stores and online.

Photo: Julianne G. Crane

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