Jimmy Smith ponders a notion of ‘home’


Lance camper roof (JulianneCrane) On an overcast day when the “wind is moaning through the live oaks … and the rain is tap tapping on the roof of our little abode,” Jimmy Smith writes:

“So much about this sabbatical, or walkabout, or vision quest … invites me deeply into the question of what the notion of ‘home’ is.

“In my past, some hurtling momentum carried me into and through most of the landscape I called my life. I seemed to be as much a witness as a participant in the whole affair. Having the opportunity to get old enough to have my reckless careen slow, gives me the terrifying opportunity to make studied choices.”

Read more of Jimmy’s running essay by clicking on Jimmy Smith’s ‘Another View’

Photo: Roof of Lance camper on a rainy day. (Julianne Crane)

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