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We are back in the Inland Northwest after six months, 12,000-plus miles and 26 states circumnavigating our vast country.

Yesterday, one friend asked for my favorite experience, and while there are many incredible memories, without a doubt the most moving moment was looking up and spotting three majestic Whooping Cranes, gracefully gliding overhead on the Coastal Bend of Texas.


Over then next couple of weeks I will post a number of profiles of people we met along our journey. These RVers helped filled our six months on the road with quality conversation and delicious crumpets.

Photo: Whooping Crane family winging onto their nesting field. (Julianne Crane)

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  • Doug:
    We are ready to park it or awhile … but not forever. One of the blessings of RVing are meeting other RVers. While we love our hometown friends dearly … there is nothing like meeting new people from different parts of the country with different experiences and unique perspectives. One of the greatest joys of RVing are the new neighbors one meets each night at a new campground … amazing how many good people live among us.

  • Oh my God. A six month RV trip. I bet you were ready to park it in the garage when you got home. My wife and not close to retirement age, however, we always talk about getting our own RV. Gas prices my have significant role by then though.

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