Grease-powered RV promotes sustainable living


Eric Tsetsi writes for the GateHouse News Service about Justin Fisher, 28, a Spanish teacher in Winchester, Mass., who “has transformed an old school bus he calls the ‘Wanderbus’ into a bio-diesel recreational vehicle.”

“Grease cars,” writes Tsetsi “which typically run on either vegetable oil, more refined bio-diesel, or sometimes regular diesel, are becoming increasingly popular with a small sub-culture of environmentally conscious individuals who have discovered that fast-food restaurants are often willing to give their used oil away for free, rather than pay to have it hauled away.”

Fisher plans on traveling the country with his partner, Amanda Gordon, to promote sustainable living.

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Photo: Amanda Gordon and Justin Fisher converted an old school bus into an RV that runs on waste vegetable oil. They’ll be driving the bus cross-country. Matthew Modoono/Norwich

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