Sallie Craner lives fulltime in 28-ft. travel trailer


Sallie Craner, bartender, lives fulltime in 28-ft. travel trailer. Photo by Julianne Crane Sallie Craner has been living fulltime in her 28-foot Traveleze travel trailer since March 2010.

That’s when the former-St. Maries, Idaho, resident moved to Riggins, Idaho.

“In St. Maries, where I lived for 17 years, all my girlfriends were married or in a relationship and they are settled. That’s fine, but it’s not for me. I’m more of an adventurer,” she says.

“This past February I made a road trip down here and I was wearing flip-flops. St. Maries has hard winters, so I went back and told my friends I was moving.” One friend said, “You don’t know anybody, what are you going to do?”

“I said: Number one, I’m going to get a job; and two, I will meet people in a short period of time.” And that’s exactly what she did. Within a few weeks she was working as bartender for the Seven Devils Saloon and Rodeo Club in Riggins.

“The people here are very unique, welcoming and easy to get to know. I’ve had a wonderful experience since I’m been here,” she says. “My bosses, Mike and Melissa Blimka, are great.”

Craner feels at home in the Salmon River Canyon area where she spends time on the river and 4-wheeling.

“I love the look of it,” she says. “When I first drove over the White Bird summit, it reminded me of Montana with its big mountains. Then there are places in the mountains near Riggins that remind me a lot of the area around St. Maries. So, I’m really in my element here.”

Julianne G. Crane

Photo: Sallie Craner, bartender at Seven Devils Tavern, Riggins, ID. Photo: Julianne  G. Crane.

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  • How exciting to see Sallie on your blog! You’ve had some great posts this season (yes, we’re biased because we live in Riggins) and this one gave me a huge smile! We sure hope your having as much fun here as it seems. Stop by the office – we’d love to say Hi!


  • I have fulltimed since 1995,first trailer 22ft.2nd 24ft.3rd 20ft.and as of
    8-1-2010 a new 23ft.There is nothing like this lifestyle,sold my home
    in 94 and never looked back.So many places to see and so little time!!
    Older we get faster it goes!Enjoy Sallie!Fun single traveling clubs out there. sudtr loris

  • Good for you!

    We sold our house 2 years ago and moved into our 5th wheel. Put what we could in storage. Got rid of lot of furniture. Would like to get rid of the remaining stuff!
    We have full timed now for 2 years and love it.
    Traveling in summer and sitting in AZ during the winter. life is good!

  • Good for Sallie,
    In Feb. 2010 I purchased a 30 Ft 2001 Holiday Rambler Presidential fifth wheel, sold all my furniture and moved into an RV park full time.My dog (a 3.8 lbs. chihuahua) and I couldn’t be happier! We were in an apt. in town and miserable. The folks that I’ve met here in the park are great and very helpful.
    Although I’m not traveling (still work full time), I love rv living and cut my living expenses in half. Traveling, except for short local trips will come later after I retire in 3yrs.
    Happy Rving!

  • Sally, you go girl; that’s what life is supposed to be about…one adventure after another…Its not a dress rehearsal…enjoy it while you can.


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