Fulltime solo RVer Joyce Caudell volunteers for another summer at Oregon’s Wallowa Lake State Park


JoyceCaudell_basketFulltime RVer Joyce Caudell will be spending this summer “surrounded on three sides by 9,000′ tall snow-capped mountains and a large, clear lake” volunteering at Wallowa Lake State Park in northeast Oregon.

“Wallowa Lake is in a remote location that is a jump off to the Eagle Cap Wilderness,” says Joyce. “Amazingly beautiful landscape.”

The retired nurse has volunteered with the Nez Perce National Historic Park Service giving demonstrations and evening amphitheater programs about Nez Perce Nation cultural items.  “I learned so much and fell in love with the Nez Perce people and culture, past and present,” she says.

To read more about Joyce and her life as a fulltime solo RVer, click on WomenRvers.blogspot.com

Photo: Joyce Caudell showing Native baskets to young visitors at  Wallowa Lake State Park. (Courtesy of Joyce Caudell)

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