Free WiFi at thousands of McDonald’s


In another step to siphon off the Starbucks latte-computer crowd, fast food giant McDonald’s has introduced free WiFi at thousands of its convenient locations.

“This is great news for RVers,” writes Jim Twamley in his ‘RV Now‘ blog, “because McDonald’s restaurants are scattered all over the country and many have RV-friendly parking access.”

Twamley goes on to comment about his latest new gadget, the Apple iPod Touch, and the joys of accessing email and the Internet from more than 11,000 ‘mostly’ easy in-and-out sites.

Read the full posting by clicking here.

Photo: Twamley writes: “To test the capabilities of my iPod Touch and the new McDonald’s free Wi-Fi system, I pulled into a McDonald’s parking lot and without even getting out of the car was able to log onto the internet.” Source: RV Now.

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  • Jim: We used the Verizon MiFi on our three-month trip and loved it. There were some boondocking places we could not get a signal, but it was amazing how many places we stayed we were able to keep in touch. I must confess. however, I have an iTouch and have yet to learn its operation. You give me the incentive to take that on. Thank you.

  • My wife and I just got iTouches and find them very useful. We use them with our Verizon MiFi which we also use for our laptops, so we don’t even have to go to MacDonalds, just access the Internet from where ever we are.

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