Class B RVs, Part 5 — Five suggestions to consider before buying a Class B


This is the last of a five-part series on Class B motor homes.

Carol White, co-author of “Live Your Road Trip Dream,” offers five suggestions to consider before purchasing a Class B van conversion.

1) Think carefully about how you want to use your recreation vehicle? Short weekend jaunts? Tailgating? A yearlong trip around the country?

2) What kind of adventures will you go on? Do you need the maneuverability of the smaller rig?

3) How comfortable are you driving either a large motor home or pulling a trailer? Would those decisions negatively impact your adventures?

4) Look at the van’s storage and envision where things would go. How usable is it, and will that work for you?

5) Consider carefully the ease of maintenance. Class Bs can be serviced at any dealer (or independent) whereas the bigger rigs require appointments with RV maintenance places, which seem to be booked much further out. Will it be hard to keep moving on your adventure and get service appointments?

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