Stop for a while in Charleston, a ‘working fishing village’ — on southern Oregon coast


+FishermensWharf_owner-JimmySmith_JulianneGCraneIf you are not in any kind of hurry this summer or early autumn, take a road trip along the southern Oregon’s Coast Highway 101.  There are a number of small fishing communities and Charleston, just south of Coos Bay, is worth veering off US Hwy. 101.

One place we really enjoyed was the Fishermen’s Wharf Seafood Market, located on the D-Dock in Charleston’s scenic boat basin.

The main reason we stopped for a while here was the owner Mike LeDoux, a former Coast Guard guy. We learned a lot about the town and the hearty people who live and work here. This family business offers “only the freshest local fish and seafood products,” he said. “Our business depends on the fishermen. We will not underpay them, and we will not overcharge you.”

+FishermensWharf-sign_JulianneGCraneRead more about Charleston, Ore., click here for an expanded article I wrote on RV Short

For another post I wrote  about Jimmy’s trip ocean fishing and staying at the Charleston Marina RV Park, click here.

Julianne G. Crane

Photos: Fishermen’s Wharf market owner Mike LeDoux and Jimmy Smith, both former Coast Guardsmen chatted about ‘the old day,’ the price of fish and living in the small community of Charleston. (Julianne G. Crane)

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