Car, truck, van wrap-around camping tents


SportzCarTent_AlvordHotSpringsOR(JulianneGCrane)Often when an outdoors person doesn’t want to sleep on the ground–but does not, for one reason or another, want to acquire a recreation vehicle–will opt for a compact and lightweight vehicle camping tent to have access to interior space for sleeping.

Here are three variations on the vehicle-wrap tent:

The first unit was sighted at a small dispersed dry camping area across the road from the Alvord Desert hot springs in southeast Oregon.

That day saw freezing temperatures and frequent high winds. The tent’s owners, Teresita and Paul Gutierra of La Grand, OR, said they put on the vehicle sleeve to help secure the tent in the brisk winds.

Both this tent, and the one that follows, are designed by Sportz to give access to cargo and interior spaces of sports utility, minivans or hatchback vehicles.

The “removable vehicle sleeve on all models” can be completely detached to “convert the tent into a stand-alone ground tent making it easy to drive away from your campsite,” says Sportz.

VanTent_PageSpringsBLM-OR(JulianneGCrane)The second vehicle tent was attached to a minivan where we were boondocking at Page Springs BLM Campground near Frenchglen, also in southeast Oregon. “The vehicle sleeve provides a weather and bug proof access to the cargo area of your vehicle.”

It features the full rain wrap on an attached screen room, which was particularly needed that cold, soggy day. Welcome to off-season camping in the Pacific Northwest. Base prices range between $250 and $400.

AdventureTruckTent_TumaloSP(JulianneGCrane)The third tent spotted was a snazzy, bright yellow Adventure Truck Tent parked at Tumalo State Park near Bend, Ore.

From the outside it looked neat and nicely constructed. According to the Adventure Web site, these nifty tents are no longer manufactured.  When you do find them on eBay or Craigslist, expect to pay around $200.

Julianne G. Crane

Photos: Sportz Car Tent at Alvord Desert Hot Springs; MiniVan Tent at Page Springs BLM Campground near Frenchglen, Ore.; and the Adventure Truck Tent at Tumalo State Park near Bend, Ore. (Julianne G. Crane)

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