‘Cactus League Spring Training’ – March (baseball) ‘madness’ in Phoenix = RV Short Stop


110306_SpringTraining_stadium-JulianneGCraneWe found ourselves in the Phoenix area just in time for the annual Cactus League Spring Training intensive six-week baseball schedule.

It had been years since I’ve attended a Major League game (and Jimmy had never seen one live).

Jimmy Smith and I were in Scottsdale to visit Spokane friends Mary and Bill Knowles and decided to take in one of the many spring training games played daily during March in 10 stadiums scattered across the region.

These games are extremely popular with  Snowbirders and locals.

Mary went online to find out schedules and purchase tickets. With 15 Major League teams playing in this area, it was simple to find a game with available tickets.

For more information on the Cactus League Spring Training check out a more extensive item I wrote for RV Short Stops.

Julianne G Crane

Photos: Cactus League Spring Trainings Scottsdale Stadium outside and the lawn behind the outfield (Julianne G Crane).

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