Another economic, fuel efficient motorhome from Romahome


A week ago I reported on the nifty R10 Citioen Nemo mico motorhome manufactured by Romahome, Ltd., in the United Kingdom.

Romahome’s Duo Outback is another remarkable small motorhome that is said to have an “amazing fuel economy with up to 50 mpg.”

Right now, RVers in the States can only look at these incredible rigs with envy.

The question remains: “Why aren’t U.S.A. RV makers producing these green and economical motorhomes?”

Read more in “Small motorhome gets 50 miles per gallon.”

Photos: Romahome, Ltd.

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  • I have searched the web for campers that are first affordable second efficient. The winner is ultralight backpacking second is motorcycle camping another is a TUK TUK design for one that goes maybe 45 but cares for nearly all your needs. Then the tear drop camper is incredible in design there are designs that can fold out to elaborate systems that can satisfy you every need. I own an argosy it was purchased for $2K us it needs a remodel but I could live in this if I had to just so happens my home is doing the job already should I decide to travel IDK if I would want to pay the fuel to travel? I just might have to look into the TUK TUK since I would be traveling alone.

  • the fact that US manufacturers face is that the real market for motorhomes in the US is for larger units… that is what sells. Several have tried over the years to promote small units but they have all gone broke… big slab-sitters are what most rv buyers demand… also, the small units are more money per square foot. It is about the same money to buy a 36 foot class A gas unit as to buy a smaller deisel… it takes years and many miles to make up for the cost difference in fuel savings alone.

  • I have been shopping RV’s online for about 10 years now….looking for a retirement purchase in another 5 years (indepth searching). Romahomes DOES NOT HAVE A COMPARABLE product in the US. I have sent messages to Romahomes to PLEASE get their product to the United States…..It is obvious by looking at Romahomes that there is nothing comparable that we have.

  • I would love to buy one of these beautiful RV’s. Not only efficient but pretty as well, just the right size. Some of us American’s do not want a castle to live in or to drive. PLEASE ship some over!!!

  • Forrst:
    Thank you for writing and I agree with your comments regarding the travel trailers and pickup campers you mentioned. However, U.S.A. manufactures have been slow on the up-take with the small-sized, fuel-efficient motorhomes.
    Personally, I want to buy American and look forward to what U.S.A. companies will be producing in the next couple of years.

  • “Why aren’t U.S.A. RV makers producing these green and economical motorhomes?”

    The answer to this is that small RV’s have been made in the U.S.A. for decades. Among trailers there is the Scamp, Casita, Oliver and Burro. Any of these can be towed by a smaller fuel efficient vehicle.

    There are also “slide-in” campers that fit into the bed of a small fuel efficient pickup truck. These have been available for decades.

    The smallest U.S.A. RVs are the teardrop trailers. Some are so small and light weight that they can be towed by a large motorcycle. These have also been built for decades.

    There are a lot of “green and economical” RVs that have been and continue to be built and sold in the U.S.A.

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