Active millennial RVers Shea and Erin Laughlin, #2: Aktiv’s sleek, efficient interior design


RVing Millennials Shea and Erin Laughlin of Minnesota, live full-time in their 2017 Hymer Aktiv 1.0.

“As with any house, the Hymer Aktiv has fresh water, electricity, waste water disposal, heating, and cooling systems. In the Aktiv these systems are self-contained and travel with you,” states the owner’s manual.

The Aktiv’s interior features a center aisle floor plan and comes equipped with a full galley kitchen, clever interior storage, central heating, an entertainment system and a full wet bathroom with shower.

One feature not found in most USA-built recreation vehicles is the eco-friendly and convenient cassette toilet system, replacing the more traditional black water tank. A major advantage of a cassette toilet is that it can be dumped into any campground or residential toilet.

Of course the living quarters are snug in all class B motorhome. That said, the Laughlins really like how small the rig is.

“We already knew that we didn’t need a lot of stuff to live happily, but living in a class B van highlights that even more than a truck and trailer,” said Erin Laughlin. “The overall layout is fantastic, so much so, that even in a small space it can feel like there are two rooms between the front and back of the van.”

The Atkiv comes with the latest in technological needs for the modern RVing couple who are living full-time on the road and working remote. There is a USB charger slot next to every 110V socket.

“As for functional aspects, we also love the solar setup because it allows us to boondock for extended periods of time and still have enough power to run everything and charge our laptops, which allow us to stay in touch with work,” observed Shea Laughlin who telecommutes with an IT software implementation company based out of the Bay Area.

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Julianne G. Crane

Photos: (Top) In the front section of the Hymer Aktiv cabin, a table folds against the street-side wall, forward of the rear seat. The arrangement can accommodate four when the captains chairs are turned rearward. (Bottom) The class B Hymer Atkiv features a stylish and space efficient galley kitchen. (Courtesy: Erwin Hymer Group North America, Inc)

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