Professional photographer Fran Reisner pulls back from fulltime RVing
Fran Reisner started RVing fulltime in September 2011 after she sold her house, her photography studio, and most of her possessions in Texas to travel the country in a 2010 35.5 foot Winnebago Adventurer, she affectionately referred to as "The Beast." Fran recently r
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National Park Service celebrates birthday with a huge open house
Only one month to think about and plan your free, fun, family learning adventure to your favorite National Park. Click here for some ideas on where to go. National Park Service's *free entrance days that remain in 2014 include: • Monday, Aug. 25, National
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Some National Parks reopening with $tate funding
According to a news item on, by this weekend national parks in Utah will be open: Arches, Bryce Canyon (right), Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion. An Associated Press article reports:  "So far, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, Arizona and New York have jumpe
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Bill Estes, Marilyn Russell camp hosting at Zion NP
Camping at the awe-inspiring Zion National Park has given us the opportunity to catch up with full-time RVers Marilyn Russell and Bill Estes who are camp hosting for their second season at Watchman Campground. Marilyn and I first met about half-a-dozen years ago at a
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Bicycling Pa'rus Trail in Zion National Park
Zion National Park's Watchman Campground is full during this Spring Break week, so we are dry camping for a few days in the South Campground. Both campgrounds have incredible views of the surrounding mountains. Our camping neighbors last night were three college stud
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Alaskans fly to L.A., rent RV, tour southwest for six weeks, return RV to Las Vegas
Dave Perea and Alison Vail of Girdwood, Alaska, don't really consider themselves RVers. They don't own an RV. They just rent recreational vehicles when they want to vacation travel over long distances for an extended period of time. We bumped into Dave and Ali at
Full-time RVers Thom and Dar Hoch explore USA
Thom and Dar Hoch are still having a lot of fun after being on the road fulltime since July 2007. They have adjusted to living in 300 sq. ft. , "haven't killed each other, and really enjoy the adventures we experience while exploring America," says Thom. Jimmy and
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Tribute: Dear friend and RVer Penney Sales made her transition on Nov. 3, 2009
Penney Kathleen Smith Sales of Coeure d' Alene, Idaho, a great friend and sister solo RVer, died on Tuesday morning, Nov. 3, 2009. I'll miss her, her spirit and our friendship. I received a telephone call while I was camping in Zion National Park that she was in her
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