Alaskans fly to L.A., rent RV, tour southwest for six weeks, return RV to Las Vegas


Dave Perea and Alison Vail of Girdwood, Alaska, don’t really consider themselves RVers. They don’t own an RV. They just rent recreational vehicles when they want to vacation travel over long distances for an extended period of time.

We bumped into Dave and Ali at Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park off I-15, north of Las Vegas.

“The motorhome has everything in it you could want,” says Dave, “and the slide in the living room really expands the space.”

They made arrangements online through Real Value to pick up the 24-foot Class C motorhome near the Los Angeles Airport. Cost for the rig ran them about $30/day, plus fuel. The rig averaged about 10 mpg.

After leaving Los Angeles they headed east to Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada. Avid bicyclists and hikers one of their favorites stops was Zion National Park. They also raved about Catalina and Lost Dutchman State Parks in Arizona.

Julianne G. Crane

Photos: Dave Perea and Alison Vail of Girdwood, Alaska, and they rented class C motorhome at Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park — (Julianne G. Crane)

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  • Renee:
    You write eloquently about the heart of an RVer. And, I agree with you. There were years I did not own an RV, but that RV-feeling never was far from my heart.
    Thank you for writing,

  • Although Alison does not consider herself an RV’er, in her heart she is. Owning an RV doesn’t make you an RV’er. We have friends that own an RV but fly whenever and wherever they can leaving their RV at home. When we have time off, our only thought is to pack up and get out of town hitting the road with our RV. Traveling the country in an RV is the ways to really enjoy the land. Alison knows this and she’s sharing this love with Dave.

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