Autumn camping destination #1: Bear Paw Mountains, a picturesque place in northeast Montana
Pack your recreation vehicle, throw in an extra layer of clothing and explore a few lesser-know public campgrounds this autumn to discover amazing scenery, spectacular fall color, and an abundance of outdoor activities. The first of four colorful campground desti
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Pioneer photographer  Evelyn J. Cameron’s gallery -- a fascinating RV Short Stop in eastern Montana
In honor of National Women’s History Month,  I want to highlight Evelyn Jephson Cameron, an amazing woman--one of the thousands of brave and sturdy women who immigrated from Europe in the closing years of the 19th century to help ‘homestead’ the West. It
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Meeting new kindred spirits along the way
Russ Tveit, Judy Knoell and their rescue dog, Peanut, were our next-site neighbors in a Montana Fishing Access Site campground on the Yellowstone River. They were returning home to Hazen, North Dakota, and we where heading east on this autumn's tour of America. Rus
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Jimmy's next camper?
Traveling east along Hwy. 12 in central Montana we stopped for refreshments at a small general store and out back Jimmy spotted what could be his next camper. The exterior features silver metal siding, accented with deer antlers over the wood-framed door. The inter
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Nez Perce Bear Paw Battlefield ...
It was 137 years ago on Oct. 5, that Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce surrendered following the final battle of the four-month Nez Perce War of 1877 at the Bear Paw Battlefield. "The 1877 flight of the Nez Perce from their homelands while pursued by U.S. Army Genera
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St. Ignatius Mission is compelling RV Short Stop in northwest Montana
On your way to Glacier National Park this RVing season, plan a short cultural stop in the small town of St. Ignatius, about 50 miles north of Missoula on Hwy 93. This small northwest Montana town features St. Ignatius Mission, built in the early 1890's by Native peo
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Sisters on the Fly, part 3 -- 'Gone fishing, kayaking, cowgirling' in their vintage trailers
Because of the sheer numbers of members of Sisters on the Fly, now near 4,500, in addition to the dozen or so national trips, regional Sister groups plan dozens of three and four-day camping and caravan events across the United States. While camping is the major focu
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Dry camping along Clark Fork River in Lolo National Forest
Last September we stumbled onto a dispersed Lolo National Forest campground right off Hwy 135, between mileposts 14 and 15, heading downriver (north) from St. Regis, Mont., along the Clark Fork River. We were actually looking for Lolo National Forest's Cascade Ca
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Taking a little camping trip through northern Idaho panhandle and western Montana
It's camping time in the Inland Pacific Northwest and we're off on a long weekend circle trip from Spokane, Wash., to northern Idaho for possible canoeing, and over to western Montana for soaking in some hot springs. Rain is on the horizon, maybe even a thunderstorm
'Sisters on the Fly' still having 'more fun than anyone' in their vintage trailers, fishing, riding
Real-life sisters Maurrie Sussman of Phoenix, Ariz., and Becky Clarke of McCall, Idaho, are avid fly fishers, 'cowgirls' and vintage trailer owners. Together they are the inspiration and force behind a "grab life by the tail and swing it around" group of women known
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