Cycle built for two (RVers) - spotted at Balmorhea State Park in windy west Texas
Two winter snowbirds from Colorado pedaled around Texas' Balmorhea State Park on their home-crafted 'quadicycle' built for two. This human-powered, pedal-driven, 4-wheel cycle was built from a kit designed by American Speedster who currently offers four adult and two
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Biking, birding Port Aransas Nature Preserve
Whenever RV snowbirds hover along the Coastal Bend of Texas, they often take advantage of sunny days to jump on bicycles and see the sites. One relatively safe place to take out the bicycles is Port Aransas on Mustang Island. It is just a short free ferry ride across th
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Longtime RVer and fitness guru Bob Difley talks about ways to stay physically active while RVing
In a recent item mentioned in the newsletter, longtime RVer and boondocking expert Bob Difley wrote about opportunities for RVers to keep physically active and in shape while enjoying the RV lifestyle. "With baby boomers retiring and taking to the h
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Jimmy goes to town and brings home our mail, a dozen eggs, and a bicycle tourist from New Zealand
(Editor's note:  ALL CAPS hot links are NOT the actions of RVWheelLife. Do NOT click on them and disregard.)   Towards the end of August, Jimmy  bicycled into the small community of Sutherlin, Ore., about a mile from the Timber Valley SKP Park, to our p
'Small towable RVs' part 2 -- Easy to handle
This is the second of four postings on the trend toward  ‘Small Towable RVs. 'Easy' is a term used over and over by many small towable recreation vehicle owners. As a refresher, for this series of posts, we are defining 'small trailers' as being between 16 and
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