These snowbirds return to the Sandollar RV Park in Rockport-Fulton on the Coastal Bend of Texas
For the fourth time (out of eight snowbird seasons), we nestled for several weeks in a grove of Southern live oak trees at the Sandollar (Resort) RV Park in Fulton-Rockport, a charming fishing-artist community on the Coastal Bend of Texas. Jimmy and I keep return
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RVing gal pals visiting over 'Afternoon Cream Tea' on a rainy day in Florence, Oregon
What could be more perfect than lunch on the Oregon Coast with a longtime woman friend you met years ago while RVing along the Gulf Coast of Texas? Only one thing--lunch with TWO women friends you met while snowbirding in Texas. The fact that we were able to linge
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Jimmy's Views 2010-12
 This page holds the 2010-2012 musings and reflections of Jimmy Smith, long-time bicyclist, one-time retreat center owner and now a semi-retired, extended-time RVer and part-time fisherman. Jimmy and Julianne began their extended RV exploration of the USA in 2
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RVer Jimmy Smith reflects on a rainy day on the Coastal Bend of Texas
Our rolling cottage is resting for a month in its site at the Sandollar RV Park on the Coastal Bend of Texas. We returned to the Rockport-Fulton area for a third time because of family in Houston, RV friends in the same park, affordability, and the small town charm o
Touching bases with longtime friends and fellow full-time RVers Thom and Dar Hoch
Thom and Dar Hoch rolled into our part of the planet (currently Spokane, Wash.) late yesterday afternoon in their "bus house" on their trek east toward Wisconsin. Our paths have been crossing in various locations around the country since we first met in the autumn of
Our last week on Texas' Coastal Bend
I'm going to miss looking out my computer window at site #38 at the Sandollar RV Park on the Coastal Bend of Texas. We've been here nearly four weeks and it's almost time to begin our slow snowbird migration back to the west coast. Then, later this spring, after work
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RVers Sue and Chuck Arbuckle of Illinois travel south each winter in their truck camper
We first met Sue and Chuck Arbuckle earlier this year on the Coastal Bend of Texas. At that time we were parked at the Sandollar RV Park in Rockport and traveling in our 1996 8.5-foot Lance camper. It was a delight to see another Lance truck camper pull into the R
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Folding the tent, loading the RV and readying to leave the Coastal Bend, heading north
After two wonderful months on the Gulf Coast of Texas, these snowbirds are folding our tent, slipping the Lance camper back onto the truck and saying our goodbyes to our new friends at the Sandollar RV Park in Rockport. Today we are starting the final leg of our six-
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Super Bowl gatherings across USA, RV park
All across America yesterday there were Super Bowl gatherings -- including a number at the Sandollar RV Park in Rockport, Texas. We were invited to watch the game with ardent Green Bay Packers' fans Dar and Thom Hoch of Wisconsin. Jimmy Smith, who was born in west
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RVers host old fashioned pot luck fish fry
Time and time again, one hears of community-style pot luck dinners at RV parks and campgrounds across the U.S.A. and Canada. One of those old fashioned, down-home gatherings happened earlier this week at our snowbird home at the Sandollar RV Park in Rockport, Texas.
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