A stopover in Ashland, Oh., catching up with RV friends, new hometown eatery

Jimmy, Lee and Sherian inside the Uniontown Brewing Co., Ashland, Oh. (Julianne G. Crane)

How many years has it been now? Going on nine?

We first met Sherian and Lee Shriver on the Gulf Coast of Texas back in January 2011.

They had made their snowbird trip south from Ohio.  We were about halfway through our first RV trek around the edges of the USA. Both of us ended up at the Sandollar RV Park in Rockport on the Gulf Coast of Texas. We met two more winters in Rockport. Another year they traveled around the country and visited us in Oregon.

This is our third autumn stopover in Ashland, Oh., where we park our RV in their driveway and soak in some local culture.  On previous trips they’ve taken us to Amish communities, and to visit the Mohican Memorial State Forest.

This time they surprised us with a delicious dinner and tasty craft brews at the Uniontown Brewing Company. A local couple opened its doors after renovating the “main floor of one of the most iconic buildings in Ohio’s history—the 167-year-old Gilbert Furniture Store on Main street in Ashland.”

All friendships are highly valued, but longtime relationships are rare gems indeed.

Julianne G. Crane


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