RVing and Motorcycling, part 2: 'Easy to tow ultra-light trailers'
Making camp, when and where you want, is easy with these small ultra light rigs, says motorcyclist and author Dale Coyner, owner of Open Road Outfitters. "You pull into a spot, drop the jack stands, pop up the tent and you're done," he explains. "Rain, bugs, hea
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RVing and Motorcycling, part 1: 'Great Summer Travel Combo'
Summer is the traditional time for meandering motorcycle trips along America's back roads and scenic highways. Each year, more and more riders are being spotted towing ultra-light camping trailers. It seems these mini pop-up tent campers are gaining in popularity as
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Arkansas newspaper reports: 'RV crosses country to help tornado victims'
Rachel Parker Dickerson reports in the Log Cabin newspaper out of Conway, Ark., how 700 pounds of tornado relief donations from the very generous people of Medway, Mass., traveled 1,500 miles by recreation vehicle to central Arkansas. In this good news article, Di
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Fulltime solo RVer Joyce Caudell volunteers for another summer at Oregon's Wallowa Lake State Park
Fulltime RVer Joyce Caudell will be spending this summer "surrounded on three sides by 9,000' tall snow-capped mountains and a large, clear lake" volunteering at Wallowa Lake State Park in northeast Oregon. "Wallowa Lake is in a remote location that is a jump off to
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Pilot Flying J expands RV amenities
In time for Memorial Day and the summer vacation season, Pilot Flying J announces the expansion of RV Amenities at most of its travel centers. "While families and road-trippers are traveling across the country this summer, Pilot has more than 650 locations so conveni
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'Boat and Camper Trailer Race' -- one of the growing RV motorsports
Motorsports are always high on the bucket list of many RVers (especially the upcoming Memorial Day Indianapolis 500). Some fans take motorsports to a whole different level when a few courageous, aka wild-and-crazy, drivers participate in drag races while towing trave
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Retire (very) early, homebase in park model trailer, travel round-the-world
Baby Boomers, Billy and Akaisha Kaderli decided to retire really early--more than 24 years ago at the ripe old age of 38. Early into their retirement they bought a recreation vehicle and toured the western states for two years. Then they set up a homebase in a park
RV camping at Indianapolis 500 (the # 1 'Best Bucket List Sports Event')
In an article published in USA TODAY on Friday, May 9, the Indianapolis 500 is the top destination for the "Best Bucket List Sports Event." Sporting events listed in the contest, "sponsored by USA TODAY and 10Best.com, were chosen by a panel of experts and then vote
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'Boondock RVing' camping 'off the grid'
Authors and longtime RVers Bill and Jan Moeller have written a number of popular RVing books.  One book, where they share a number of insights into how they have saved lots of  money by 'dry camping' (not being connected to any traditional utilities) for more than
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Wind Cave National Park - two parks in one
"Hidden beneath the rolling prairie of the southern Black Hills is one of the world's longest caves .... " and the Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota is an amazing summer RV discovery destination for the family. Because the summers are hot in this part of
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