Happy New Year -- 2015
They are frequently referred to as "The Grand Essentials to Happiness" or "Rules for Happiness." And, they have been attributed to a number of different sources including: Chinese Proverb, English poet Joseph Addison, Scottish writer Allan K Chalmers, German philosoph
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'Tiny Homes on the Move' ... stories of 21th century nomads
Lloyd Kahn, editor-in-chief at Shelter Publications, has come out with: "Tiny Homes on the Move" (224 pages, $28.95, 2014). In it are stories of 21th century nomads—-"people whose homes are tiny and mobile, and either on wheels or in the water." These are people wh
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Holiday camping at Oregon's Tugman State Park with RV friends Ann & Hank David
 We were looking for a special way to celebrate the Holidays and asked our Escapee RV friends, Ann and Hank David  if we could join them at Oregon's Tugman State Park where they are campground hosting during December. They let us know that there are plenty of a
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Timber Valley SKP (Escapee) RV Park offers 'pay for 2 nights, get 3rd free' to first time visitors
Timber Valley SKP (Escapee) RV Park of Oregon invites all first time visitors to "come sample life in a true co-op park" with a special offer where you can pay for two nights and the 3rd night is free; or pay for four nights and the 5th and 6th nights are free. RVers
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RVer Jimmy Smith remembers a stormy December night 35 years ago on a small Maine island
It was 1979 when the 118-pound Jimmy Smith spent the summer bicycling from Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast to Camden, Maine, on the Atlantic Ocean. At the end of that three-month meandering 3,500-mile journey, 30-year-old Jimmy stumbled into a winter caretaker posit
'No RV is too small to celebrate Christmas' -- former Navy wife's favorite RV holiday memory
"We were a Navy family," writes RVWheelLife.com reader Irma Smith of Norfolk, Va. "We were in our early 30’s, with two sons, Bill, 9 and Blaise, 11. We got orders in December 1978 to move from Patuxent River, Maryland, to Norfolk, Virginia. "We moved out of Navy h
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RVer Jimmy Smith's musings on frogs, new rig, cozy Timber Valley SKP Park
In a reflective mood, fulltime RVer Jimmy Smith muses on the songs of frogs, the acquiring of our latest rig, and the cozy RV community of Timber Valley SKP Park in southern Oregon. "Since first going on the road in 2009," writes Jimmy, "we've covered long stretches
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RV safety reminders
Fire is one of the greatest safety hazard in recreation vehicles, so it is wise to review a few holiday safety tips from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. While most of the items are common sense, they are a good reminder of simple things we can do to help kee
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Professional photographer Stephen Chalmers remembers Christmas in Quartzsite
A few years back, professional photographer and former RVer Stephen Chalmers of Youngstown, Ohio, spent the holiday season in Quartzsite, Ariz., as part of a photographic project on snowbirds. "Having always lived in cities where it was cold and snowy during December
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Writer Malia Lane shares favorite RV holiday memory - her first RV Christmas dinner
This holiday season solo fulltime RVer and writer Malia Lane is celebrating in the season in her hometown of Austin, Tex. When asked about one of her favorite RV holiday memories, she did not hesitate -- it was her first Christmas as a full-time RVer more than a doz
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