Last installment of broken RV spring repair, thanks to Kenny Oliver of Mike's Automotive in Boron, CA
To recap, we broke the spring on the driver's-side wheels of our 2001 Citation after bouncing over a monster curb just west of Palm Springs; then, not knowing it was busted, drove more than 130 miles to Boron, Calif., arriving in the remote Mohave Desert community on Sa
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Thank goodness for Mike's Automotive, Boron
A quick look at the miracle repair oasis more than 90 miles from the closest Camper World--Mike's Automotive, 24045 20 Mule Team Road in Boron, Calif.  That's our cobbled up 2001 29-foot Citation 5th wheel out front. East on 20 Mule Team Road about three miles is
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Temporary fix of broken spring to get 5th wheel to repair place
Jimmy did a temporary fix on the broken RV spring yesterday ... thank goodness for learning all those knots on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout 50 years ago. He looped rope around the axle and through the trailer frame ... then using a 12-inch spike through the cen
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Broken down in Boron
Where to begin ... The good news is that we're safe at the Arabian RV Oasis in Boron, Calif., a small (pop. 2,253) desert community north of Edwards Air Force Base along Hwy. 58. Considering what could have happened ... we are truly blessed. Trying to piece it all
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Free RV Travel newsletter available now
This weekend's free RV Travel Newsletter is available. Once again it is crammed full of newsy tidbits of interest to those of us with a love for the RV lifestyle. Editor Chuck Woodbury gleams information from a number of sources and distills it in an easy to read for
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Boondocking at BLM Hot Spring LTVA between Yuma, El Centro
Once again we came to soak in this "historic and still active hot spring" between Yuma, Ariz., and El Centro, Calif. This is our second visit to the Hot Spring Long Term Visitor Area that sits on Bureau of Land Management property adjacent to I-8 near Holtville, Cal
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SKP RoVer's Roost RV park near Casa Grande, Az, is safe port of call in high wind advisory
This must be the time of the year when winds just like to blow across the southwest. We thought we were safe after getting through El Paso and New Mexico ... but alas, now we are in the southwest Arizona and heading toward southern California desert where the real winds
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Catching up with RV friend Joyce Caudell in Arizona
Saturday at the Gilbert Ray Campground near Tuscon, Ariz., was a day of making new friends and reconnecting with one longtime friend we haven't seen in two years. The new friends will be featured in future posts, the 'old' friend is Joyce Caudall, a fulltime RVer spend
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Free RV Travel newsletter chuck full of tidbits, including hint to check out RV park on Google Earth
"Train traffic is a well-kept secret of the RV park industry," writes editor Chuck Woodbury, in this week's newsletter. "In RV directory listings for campgrounds you'll learn about the good stuff -- "pool, game room, shaded campsites, WiFi, clean bathroo
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