Temporary fix of broken spring to get 5th wheel to repair place


BrokenSpring_tempFix_JulianneGCraneJimmy did a temporary fix on the broken RV spring yesterday … thank goodness for learning all those knots on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout 50 years ago.

He looped rope around the axle and through the trailer frame … then using a 12-inch spike through the center of the loop, tightened the rope until it slowly separated the two wheels about an inch.

We only needed to tow the 5th wheel 3.4 miles from the Arabian RV Oasis to Mike’s Automotive on 20 Mule Team Road in Boron, Calif.  It took us about 15 minutes to get there, but we made it safely.

In the next post, I’ll put up photographs of Mike’s Automotive and the repair by Kenny Oliver, ace spring guy.

Post and photos by Julianne G. Crane.

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  • greetings j & j don’t know know why you need mike that lash looks like it be good for a couple thousand mi. best regards philip

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